Schomburg Center


"In a theatrical finale, visitors enter an oval room,
the walls of which are covered with photos of iconic women of the 20th century. At first, one sees a handful of large faces, but they grow smaller and more numerous until the walls are covered with tiny images that break apart to form the exhibition’s logo.

The final room was the province of the 3LD staff, who brought their programming and animation skills to a non-performance setting. “They wanted the final room to show the influence of the American woman,” says Kevin Cunningham, in charge of art and business at 3LD, who notes that included are notables from politics, art, literature, show business, and society."

“The final circular gallery . . . cuts through divisions of class and race the way the exhibition does not, and is so transfixing that it may cause serious traffic problems. But it has a caffeinating effect, and points the mind back toward reality and the city outside".


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