by Torry Bend

Part of Flint & Tinder, The Tank's flagship theater series.
A Co-Production with 3-Legged Dog

Jun 22 - Jul 17, 2016
8pm ­ | Studio B

3LD Art & Technology Center

80 Greenwich Street, NYC

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"Where 'intricately rendered images are less evocative of airy, pastel dreams than of the brooding, waking nightmares that descend upon city dwellers when the world they inhabit threatens to close in and bury them"

Ben Brantley, The New York Times

The Paper Hat Game tells Scotty Iseri's true story of his adventures (and misadventures) as whimsical prankster "The Paper Hat Guy" through the language of Toy Theater and projection. The hero of this visual kaleidoscope has a simple game: handing out paper hats on the subway with the intention of bringing a bit of childlike joy to daily commuters. But even heroes fall on hard times, and despite the Paper Hat Guy’s daily attempt to brighten the city, the city isn’t always able to reciprocate. Torry Bend transforms this almost-true story into a constantly shifting landscape of city life.

Created & Directed by Torry Bend
Video Designer: Raquel Salvatella de Prada
Puppet Designer: Aaron Haskell

Puppeteers: Angela Olson, Steve Ackerman, Yoko Myoi, Drina Dunlap, Alex Young

Stage Manager: Luisa Sanchez

Understudy: Sarah Krainin

Sound design: Colbert Davis and Matt Hubbs

Light design: Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew

About the Artist


Torry Bend is a Set designer, Puppet artist and Assistant Professor of the Practice at Duke University. She created and directed the toy theater piece The Paper Hat Game, Manbites Dog Theater and Duke University, Durham, NC, The Great Small Works Toy Theater Festival, Brooklyn, NY, The Den theater, Chicago, IL and Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis, MN; Nesting: Great Small Works International Toy Theater Festival, NY, The Port City Puppetry Festival, NC, Douglas Paasch Puppet Festival ’13, Seattle and Open Eye Figure Theater, Minneapolis, MN. The Elephant, premiered at Disney Music Hall’s International Toy Theater Festival 2008 and performed with Jumbo Shrimp Circus, Los Angeles. She created and directed Loser in 2007, Prague, New York, Minneapolis and Los Angeles.


Raquel Salvatella de Prada is a computer artist and assistant professor of the practice of Visual and Media Arts at Duke University. She practices graphic design, motion graphics and video design. Her work often focuses on integrating computer animation and motion design with different traditional art forms by collaborating with artists of diverse backgrounds such as printmaking, painting, installation art, poetry, puppetry, theater, and musical performance. She finds that the combination of her digital medium with physical visual media can be a powerful way to communicate social issues. Her experimental animation work and her collaborative performance pieces have been featured at festivals and on stages across the country and internationally.


Part of Flint & Tinder, The Tank's flagship theater series. For more information and for other shows in the series, please click HERE.


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