Gala Exhibition Manus × Machina - The Metropolitan Museum of Art

3-Legged Dog has just completed design for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Exhibition Manus X Machina. 3-Legged Dog collaborated with Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of the Costume Institute and the Design Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art  to shoot and animate and map our video design for the dome and process niches of the Office of Metropolitan Architecture's "Ghost Cathedral" in the Lehman Atrium.


Our design served to bring focus to technical and creative processes used to create five emblematic pieces in the exhibition including the Karl Lagerfeld  Wedding ensemble for House of Chanel  housed in at the central domed room of the Ghost Cathedral.


The cathedral dome projection is a custom animation mapped into the dome using eight 20,000 lumen video projectors and features extremely close up video of the dress's embroidered and bejeweled train.


3-Legged Dog also created mapped video for four "process niches" housing garments selected to show specific processes featured in the exhibition. Again using zoom and macro lenses 3-Legged Dog captured high resolution video of the details of each dress's construction and mapped that video to the interior of the translucent niche housing each dress.

Creative Director: Kevin Cunningham

Video System Design: David Tennent

Video Post Production and Animation: Peter Burr

Video Mapping: Katherine Freer

Director of Photography: Mark Raker

Gaffer: Seth Kirby

Sound Design: Marcelo Añez

Associate Scenic Designer: Jim Findlay

Draftsman: Simon Harding

Associate Video Designer/Production Associate: Jason Batchelor

Camera Assistant/Production Associate: Skye Morse Hodgson

Camera Assistant: O Woomi Chung

Production Assistant: Vito Spina

Lead Riggers: Janet Clancy, Joe  Kennedy

Modeling and Steel Work: Joe Silovsky

Seamstress: Andreea Mincic

Designer Associate: Yasmin Santana

Producer: Daniel Zippi


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