are Official Selections of the

Sundance Film Festival



3LD Associate Artists: Victor Morales, Matt Romein and Peter Burr are Official Selections of the Sundance Film Festival

Official Selection

JANUARY 24th - FEBRUARY 3rd, 2019
Park City | Utah

We are excited to announce that the works of 3LD Associate Artists: Victor Morales, Matt Romein and Peter Burr are official Selections of the Sundance Film Festival. The works will be shown at the New Frontiers Venue.

3-Legged Dog has produced an immersive media and performance platform that can accommodate multiple works of installation, interactive art and performance. The space can be active morning to night.

Sundance Institute spotlights work at the dynamic crossroads of film, art and technology with the New Frontier selections for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. This curated collection of cutting-edge independent and experimental media works are by creators who are pushing artistic innovation across new mediums that include VR, AR, mixed reality (MR) and AI. Programmers assembled a global slate of work from a mix of invitations and submissions to an open call for VR work earlier this year.

The Sundance selected works include:

Esperpento by Victor Morales

analmosh by Matt Romein
by Peter Burr

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by Victor Morales

Esperpento is a virtual space, inspired on the aesthetic vision of Spanish painter Francisco Goya. Specifically the War Paintings and his famous, Caprichos.

The project is a universe where tragedy, sarcasm, and comedy are portrayed as a deformed and apocalyptic mirror of reality; In this world, circumstance is the source of tragedy, and the grimace produced by this tragedy is what rules its form.

Esperpento is an exploration about the rejection of the different and the dehumanization of the stranger. Why the foreigner (who looks different) is often shunned, despised and criminalized?

Esperpento (“monstrosity” in Spanish) is a visually charged performance/installation that confronts the audience to see through a deforming lens. Rather than using the “monster” to critique societal ills, Esperpento embraces strangeness and deformity in order to challenge conventions of beauty, familiarity, and what is “normal” to the human condition. As an installation, Esperpento depicts a universe of decadence inspired in Francisco Goya’s famous “Caprichos” paintings; as a performance, it dives into the idea of using technology (like VR and AR)  as an instrument for extreme entertainment.

Created by Victor Morales

Written by Billy Burns

Executive Producer: Kevin Cunningham

Producer: Skye Morse-Hodgson

Production Designer: Andreea Mincic

Technical Director: Rebecca Key

Graphic / Web Designer and Animator: Yasmin Santana

Additional Software Programming: Jason Batcheller
Cast: Christine Schisano, Modesto Flako Jimenez, Nikki Calonge

by Peter Burr

‘Dirtscraper’ is a room-sized computer simulation of an underground structure whose “smart architecture” is overseen by artificial intelligences -- spatial and social designers that observe, learn, and make changes to the system. Unaware of the control exerted by these entities, residents move through spaces that reflect varied economies and class hierarchies. Over the course of its lifetime, we may observe the corrosion of this zone, the decay of its philosophy, and the solitary voice of its caretaker trapped in the contradiction between her health and the societal demands placed upon her. This work is part of my 'Aria End' collaboration with Porpentine Charity Heartscape.

Created by Peter Burr
Audio by John Also Bennett

Technical Direction by Mark Fingerhut

Text by Porpentine Charity Heartscape

Additional graphics by Eric Timothy Carlson and Brandon Blommaert

by Matt Romein

analmosh is generative audio-visual installation. Colorful and dynamic abstract imagery is generated in real-time alongside sample based audio that is programmatically distorted and remixed to match the visual imagery. Each instance of analmosh follows an iterative blueprint that produces a unique audio-visual landscape while retaining a consistent overall structure.

Created by Matt Romein

Additional Computer Programming by Oren Shoham

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