Vogue China

In October 2016 3LD brought our Berlin based partners House of North with us to Beijing to design the Vogue China 2016 Annual Event. 3LD worked with House of North and our China production partner LXL Studios to take over a 50,000 square foot film sound stage and transform it into an immersive wonderland featuring media innovation from Vogue China from 2016. 3LD took in 500 still images and 20 films from Vogue China and incorporated them into a high resolution 15,000 square foot set of surround screens.


Upon entering party-goers saw the year in Vogue China photography in the huge V shaped Vogue Gallery which suddenly flew up into the air to reveal the surround party screen featuring a huge 2 minute whirlwind video that nearly actually blew the audience away with it's dynamism, scale and complexity. The screens then shifted to a dynamic abstract party mix as the real party started. Within 24 hours 1.2 billion people had checked in on Sino Weibo and 6.6 million had seen the video of the event on Tencent.


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